On Line Syllabus

Available to all current students
Details the things you’ll need to master in order to pass your next grading
Includes videos of the kata you’ll need to learn

Read on to find out how to register

How To Register for the On Line Syllabus

  1. Follow the link below to go to the New User Registration Page
  2. Enter the details of the student your are registering for. Each student needs to have their own account, and be registered using the students name, as shown on their EKF license.
  3. Enter the student’s EKF number.
  4. Choose which club the student trains at from the drop down list.
  5. Submit the registration details.

The registration details will be forwarded on to the Syllabus administrator for authorisation. Please note, this is a manual process, so you will not receive an immediate reply. We aim to respond to requests within 48 hours, if you don’t hear anything within a couple of days, or have any issues, please drop the Admin a line using the form below.

Contact Admin

Pre-recorded Training Sessions

The following video training sessions are available on the Shinrai Karate Online Syllabus.

Kihon – All Grades

A number of videos demonstrating the different strikes, blocks, kicks and stances that you will need to learn in order to pass your next grade.

Look in the Online Course section of the Shinrai Karate Online Syllabus.

Kata – All Grades

A video demonstration of all the katas is available on the Shinrai Karate Online Syllabus.  You will find the one that you need to learn in the section for the grade and belt you are working towards.


General Fitness and Condition

Mark Barun from Sunbury Shinrai has put together a number of videos to help with general fitness, strength and mobility.

You can find the videos in the General Fitness and Mobility section of the on Shinrai Karate Online Syllabus.