On Line Syllabus

Available to all current students
Details the things you’ll need to master in order to pass your next grading
Includes videos of the kata you’ll need to learn

All Change…

Over the next few weeks, the online syllabus will be moved from the old system over to the Shinrai Karate-Do web site, to keep everything under the same roof.

Keep checking back for changes, and to see when the section for your grading becomes available. The old syllabus will remain active whilst this work is being completed.

Pre-recorded Training Sessions

The following video training sessions are available on the Shinrai Karate Online Syllabus.

Kihon – All Grades

A number of videos demonstrating the different strikes, blocks, kicks and stances that you will need to learn in order to pass your next grade.

Look in the Online Course section of the Shinrai Karate Online Syllabus.

Kata – All Grades

A video demonstration of all the katas is available on the Shinrai Karate Online Syllabus.  You will find the one that you need to learn in the section for the grade and belt you are working towards.


General Fitness and Condition

Mark Barun from Sunbury Shinrai has put together a number of videos to help with general fitness, strength and mobility.

You can find the videos in the General Fitness and Mobility section of the on Shinrai Karate Online Syllabus.