My girls started training with Shinrai Karate when they were 6 & 7 years old, their younger brother watched from his pram and I watched awe struck from the sidelines. A few months later they attended a karate summer camp, the genuine warmth and enthusiasm of the senior grades made them feel completely at ease. It was at this camp that the senior grades persuaded me to join in at the next camp. It made sense as all 3 children were now training with Sensei Bernie.

It was very challenging; Kata did not come easily to an unfit mother of 3 under 10 years olds. The enthusiasm of every single person there was utterly infectious. There was no showing off and no criticism; just guidance, empathy, understanding and kindness. The patience they showed and continue to demonstrate is what allowed us to thrive personally and as a family unit. It was and still is amazing to see and train with such skilled and talented individuals.

Now 3 years later my girls are brown/white belts and my son is an orange belt, to say we are proud of them is an understatement. My increased fitness has surprised me too as has my own green belt achievement. We have huge pride in participating in such a physically demanding and rewarding sport within the environment Shinrai Karate nurtures and provides.

The friendships and camaraderie we have found during classes, camps and special events as a family is honestly a huge part of our love of Shinrai Karate.

Sebastian – Age 6: “Because I learn loads of amazing moves and it’s really fun and I just love doing it”

Verity – Age 8: “I love karate because it’s fun and a great sport and if you don’t get something the Sensei’s help you through it”

Saffron – Age 10: “Karate has changed my life and made me a lot braver, I also love teaching the younger students. Thank you Sensei Bernie for helping me to become confident in myself”