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Shinrai Karate is with Jacqueline CHan.2 weeks ago
Thanks everyone, what a fantastic tournament!! We wish we had more time to conclude at our leisure.
Congratulation everyone who participated in making this team event so special.
Soooo many winners;
Kata events dominated by Sunbury, Girls/Women’s event dominated by Northfields and Boys/Men’s events dominated by Yeading.
Here are a few pics to commemorate the day.
Shinrai Karate
Shinrai Karate2 months ago

Congratulations to everyone who received their Black. Belts at today’s presentation:

Hugo O’Leary - Fiona Simpson
James Arnold - John O’Leary
Dev Sakaria - Darren Partridge

Well done
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Shinrai Karate2 months ago
Osu everyone

Just a reminder in case you missed it on the website.
Sunday 29th squad training is at Egham leisure ctr. 1-4pm. Please make sure your students are aware of this.
Black belts will be presented at the beginning of the course to those who missed the last presentation.

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Shinrai Karate2 months ago
Congratulations to our new Dan grades who received their belts at last weekend’s weapons course..

NEXT EVENT!! Squad training 1-4pm at Egham Leisure Ctr.
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Shinrai Karate4 months ago
Wow!!! What a fantastic week of karate.. Hope you all enjoyed the course.
Basics, Kata, weapons, bag work and sparring. We even had a little drama at the end of the week - I’ve never seen anyone so pleased to be bandaged up..

Congratulations to our NEW BLACKBELTS!!!

1st Dans
Isleworth- Fiona Simpson
Walton - Sam Wilson & Joshua David
Ickenham - Dev Sakaria
Northfields - Ranali Alahakoon
High Wycombe - Pratham Bhargava & James Arnold
Yeading - Manuel de Freitas
Abel Karate - Hugo O’Leary, John O’Leary & Darren Partridge

2nd Dan
Sunbury- Terry Furuzawa

A few pictures from the week..
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Shinrai Karate5 months ago
Squad Training - June 2019
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