Kihon - Basics

Understanding of dojo etiquette

Japanese English
Stances : Fudo Dachi Formal Stance
Heiko Dachi Parallel Stance
Zenkutsu Dachi Forward Leaning Stance
Strikes : Jodan Tsuki Upper Punch
Chudan Tsuki Middle Punch
Gedan Tsuki Lower punch
Blocks : Jodan Uke Upper Block
Mae Gedan Barai Lower Sweeping Block
Kicks : Hiza Geri Knee Kick
Kin Geri Groin Kick


  • Demonstrate use of Jodan Uke against attack to the head
  • Demonstrate use of Gedan Barai against grab to the wrist


  • Zenkutsu Dachi : 60% weight on front leg, 40% on back. Front knee is bent over the front foot and the back leg is straight with the heel on the floor.
  • Heiko Dachi : Feet parallel with the outside edges of feet inside shoulder width.


  • Jodan Tsuki : Punch to your head height.
  • Chudan Tsuki : Punch one fist lower than your shoulder; The elbow of the other hand is pulled right back with the fist pressed against your side, keep the back elbow tucked in.
  • Kin Geri : Lift the knee and snap foot forward and pull it back with knee still lifted before returning foot to the floor.