Kihon - Basics

  Japanese English
Stances : Shiko Dachi Sumo Stance
  Neko Ashi Dachi Cat Stance
Strikes : Shita Tsuki Inverted Punch
  Tettsui Kome Kame Side Fist To Side Of Head
Blocks : Shotei Jodan Uke Palm Heel Upper Block
  Shotei Gedan Uke Palm Heel Lower Block
Kicks : Yoko Geri Chudan Side Kick To Middle
Kata : Pinan Ichi Pinan Number One
  Sanchin Kata Three Battles or Conflicts


Sanchin Kata is probably the most valuable training exercise in karate. It contains deep diaphragmatic breathing, mechanical alignment and muscular strength. Sanchin translates to “3 battles”/“3 conflicts” one being the struggle to control the body under physical fatigue. With fatigue the mind loses focus causing the spirit to diminish. Therefore Sanchin develops discipline, determination, focus, power, breath control and balance


Shiko Dachi – Sumo Stance : This stance is two shoulder width wide, with feet turned out at 45 degrees and the knees bent until the lower leg is vertical and knees are above the ankles. Keep the lower back arched.


Go Yon Kumite – Pre arranged five step fighting

(not a requirement for under 16yr. olds)

Strength and Fitness

  • 20 Press-ups

  • 40 Sit-ups