Kihon - Basics

Japanese English
Stances : Tsuri Ashi Dachi Crane Stance
Strikes : Morote Tsuki Double Punch
  Ago Tsuki Jaw Punch
Blocks : Kaiten Uke Round Block
Kicks : Yoko Keage Side Pendulum Kick
  Hiza Kansetsu Geri Knee Joint Kick
Kata : Tai kyoku Sono San Body Control Movement Number 3


  • Demonstrate use of Kaiten Uke against Mae Geri Chudan


  • Tsuri Ashi Dachi – Crane Stance : Keep the back straight and lift up through the spine as if trying to make yourself taller, lift one knee with the foot in Sokuto position (big toe lifted, small toes down) and the side edge of foot parallel to the floor. The hands are together on the opposite side to the lifted leg. The hand coming across the body is positioned on top.


Yonhon Kumite – Pre arranged four step fighting

(not a requirement for under 16yr. olds.)

Strength and Fitness

  • 20 Press-ups

  • 40 Sit-ups