Kihon - Basics

Japanese English
Kata : Saifa The Wave/Smash and tear apart
  Gekisai Sho Breaking Down The Fortress
  Pinan Ichi In Ura Pinan One with Spinning Strikes
  Pinan Ni In Ura Pinan Two with Spinning Strikes
  Pinan San In Ura Pinan Three with Spinning Strikes
Weapons : Bo Kata Ichi  
  Bo Kata Ni  
  Bo Kata San  


  • Pronounced Saifa (the wave) : Like flowing water, this kata ranges from peaceful calm to intense ferocity very quickly.
  • Gekisai Sho – (small) This kata teaches strength through fluency of movement.


Students are required to fight 15 two minute fights

Strength and Fitness

  • Tameshi Wari: Students over 18 yr. may be requested to break Tiles, Wood or Bricks with a technique/s chosen by the grading panel.