Kihon - Basics

Japanese English
Stances : Kake Dachi Hook Stance
Strikes : Tettsui Jodan Uchi Hammer Fist Strike to Head
  Haito Uchi Jodan Inner Knife Hand Strike to Head
  Haito Uchi Chudan Inner Knife Hand Strike to Side
  Haito Uchi Gedan Inner Knife Hand Strike to Groin
Blocks : Haito Uchi Uke Inner Knife Hand Block
  Gedan Juji Uke Double Handed Lower Cross Block
  Jodan Shuto Uchi Uke Upper Inner knife Hand Block
Kicks : Kake Geri Hook Kick
  Ushiro Mawashi Geri  Rear Roundhouse Kick
Kata : Pinan Yon Pinan Number Four


  • Kake Dachi  – Hook Stance : In this stance, the front foot/leg  of the striking hand is turned sideways and flat on the floor. The other leg is crossed behind resting on the ball of the back foot with the heel off the floor. Place 60% bodyweight on the back leg.


Fight in a pool of four and win a minimum of one fight to pass the kumite part of the grading

Strength and Fitness

  • 40 Press-ups

  • 70 Sit-ups