The aim of the syllabus is to provide the framework for instructors and students.

Students come into karate for various reasons such as developing self-confidence, fitness, self-defence and ultimately to become a black belt  (Shodan). This syllabus allows each student to develop at their own pace and ability towards these goals.

Grading’s are an important tool to help students gauge their own progress, the structure of the syllabus helps students to work progressively towards their black belt, through mental and physical development.

It is worth noting that although many people see black belt as the ultimate goal, for martial artists, it is the beginning of their learning. The word Dan means first step.

Time Between Grades

  • 10th Kyu – 4th Kyu : 20 Hours Minimum each grade
  • 3rd Kyu -1st Kyu : 40 Hours Minimum each grade
  • 1st Kyu – Shodan : 1 Year minimum

Time Between Dan Grades

  • Shodan to Nidan : 2 years minimum
  • Nidan to Sandan : 3 years minimum

Order of Belts

  • 10th Kyu Red Belt
  • 9th Kyu Blue Belt
  • 8th Kyu Purple Belt/White Stripe
  • 7th Kyu Purple Belt
  • 6th Kyu Yellow Belt
  • 5th Kyu Orange Belt
  • 4th Kyu Green Belt
  • 3rd Kyu Brown Belt/White Stripe
  • 2nd Kyu Brown Belt
  • 1st Kyu Brown Belt/Black Stripe