Kihon - Basics

Japanese English
Stances : Moroachi Dachi  One Foot Forward Stance
Strikes : Hiji Ate Jodan Jodan Elbow Strike
  Hiji Ate Chudan Middle Elbow Strike
  Hiji Ate Age Rising Elbow Strike
Blocks : Uchi Uke/Gedan Barai Double Block 
Kicks : Ushiro Geri Back Kick

Four Kick Combination

Front Kick, Side Kick, Back Kick & Roundhouse Kick

Kata : Pinan San Pinan Number Three


  • Moroachi Dachi – One Foot Forward Stance : This stance is shoulder width wide, with the feet parallel. The toes of the back foot are in line with the heel of the front foot. To strengthen the stance, pull both feet towards each other.


Fight in a pool of four and win a minimum of one fight to pass the kumite part of the grading

Strength and Fitness

  • 30 Press-ups

  • 50 Sit-ups